img_2057This morning I marched alongside hundreds of fellow Fargo citizens and countless others around the globe. We marched for women. We marched for equity. For equality. We marched for those who do not have voices. Those whose rights have been infringed upon. Those who have ‘dis’abilities (extra special super powers if you ask me). Those who believe differently and uniquely. For our future daughters and future families. For those who know love is love. For those whose land has been taken.

I marched alongside women. Men. My professors. Friends. Children. Even some animals. Peacefully. Non-violently. This is non-violent resistance. This is civil disobedience. I marched for myself and all women in my life. I marched for my Muslim friends, my LGBTQ+ friends. I marched because I hope to one day be paid as equally as my male counterparts. I marched for all the men in my life, that they may know I care for them also and their rights and struggles.


I marched because I have Cystic Fibrosis. Because I’ve spent countless hours worrying about how to pay for overpriced medications and insurance.

We marched to show the new POTUS that we are in fact stronger together rather than divided. We marched to show solidarity. We marched in the name of love; in the name of our mothers, including our greatest mother, Mother Earth. Love unites. Love binds us and enables us to respect and care for one another.

The experience was more than powerful. It was an inspiring display of love and community. I have never felt more connected to my city. I’m still trying to find words, but these are a few.

Thank you to each soul who marched today. And thank you to those who were unable to march but held the cause in your thoughts and hearts today.

The fight is not over. Fight for love. Fight for justice.



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