LA adventures

Earlier this month Sam and I were able to travel to Los Angeles to attend the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards for his film “Uncle Albert” (yes Sam is the coolest!). He’s won three awards for the documentary so far and I could not feel more proud!

It is so beautiful seeing someone you love achieve great things for something they are incredibly passionate about. I admire how hard Sam works and am constantly impressed by his creativity and talent. He supports my dreams so well and  was encouraging throughout Hope in Focus, so it was great being able to celebrate him and all the great things he has worked so hard for.

We were super fortunate to be able to stay with Sam’s sister Anna in LA! She was able to show us around and adventure with us and friends and it was an absolute blast. We went to The Last Bookstore (is it acceptable to live in a bookstore??), an amazing pastry shop, and a craft fair to rival all craft fairs. Such a fun time.

I’ve been feeling pretty lucky lately and cannot wait to see what adventures 2017 holds!



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