Where healing happens

Today I went on a walk and listened to Allan Watts while taking photos (multitasker at heart, yes) and reflected on some really beautiful moments life has granted me with lately amidst the stresses of school and work.

I’ve been holding back feelings of being angry at the way things are… like why kids are allowed to die from cancer while other people get rich off of oil and things of that nature. By actually feeling those thoughts and emotions however, one begins to heal. It’s messy and not always easy, but it’s necessary for growth. And we don’t have to do it alone; we are one another’s best resource for hope within our world.

And lately I have had so many glimpses and reminders that hope remains.

I have found that healing comes through small moments. Conversations with friends, holding the hand of someone you love, playing music, talking with random strangers on campus walking their dogs, going on hikes, creating, eating lots of veggie pizza… this is where healing begins, where you feel your lungs inhale more deeply and an expanse of love growing deep within you that perhaps was lost for a little while. Little moments are like hole-ridden leaves when held up to the sun, the light beautifully shining through each cracked and torn part. And although the leaf is a little bent out of shape, it can still be used as a vessel for light. It creates something beautiful. I think that’s pretty extraordinary: we don’t need to be perfect before we can help someone begin to heal. And because of that, we are not alone.

Thanks for being on this journey together.

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