cultivating a beautiful life

Hello friends! I thought I’d share a little something today that I’ve been reflecting on as I transition into my senior year of college. As May slowly approaches, (seems so far away but for a college senior it couldn’t feel closer already!) I’ve been thinking more and more about post-grad plans and future careers. For someone without a totally set career path, this has seemed a little daunting. But it’s been so helpful for me to remember that this is exactly why I chose the majors I did– to keep my options open. For some people I think set career paths are great, but I knew for me the best option was keeping an openness that allowed for change if need be without having to start my life completely over should I feel change necessary. What I mean by this is after a few years of doing something, I could transition into something else that still allowed me to use the skills and knowledge gained.

I recently watched a TED Talk called “Why some of us don’t have one true calling.” In it, the speaker coins a term she calls “multipotentialite,” which means just what it sounds like: someone with many interests and potentials that doesn’t choose just one thing to do forever.  It was insanely helpful to hear this perspective and learn that many people fit into this category.

I’ve never really had one main thing that I’m good at: I play mandolin, but I’m certainly no Chris Thile. I enjoy art but mostly as a hobby and creative outlet. I love learning about theology but am far from teaching it to others or getting a doctorate in it. The cool thing is that within the last year or so I think I’ve realized that all of these kind of strange and seemingly unrelated interests can actually be intertwined and connected by an overarching love of helping others. I think Hope in Focus taught me a lot about that. For a long time my interest in photography was just a hobby, but the project allowed it to be something that made a difference: and something that I could create as a career if I felt compelled to.

I just think that’s the coolest thing. Everyone deserves to find those things that make their soul super happy and find meaning within their work.

What I’ve been reflecting on further is this: no matter what I end up doing, I always want my main goal to be continually cultivating a beautiful life.

If I work at a non profit, start my own non profit, work at Starbucks, pursue photography, pursue art therapy, or whatever it is, these goals will remain: I want to cultivate happiness within my home. I want to serve the poor. I want to help those who suffer in any way I can. I want to be a light to others. I want to create on a regular basis. And I want to love with such fullness and beauty.

Boom. Reflections before the fall to put me in the right mindset.


TED Talk link:


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