Hope in Focus:Days 8 & 9

Hey friends! Sorry for the delay in posting about the last two days of the project. Right after the project ended, I found myself needing some time to attempt to process thoughts (although honestly I’m still at that point). I can’t share specific experiences  from the project because of HIPPA (which is totally fine!) but makes it difficult to get across the true emotions and happenings of the journey. So I apologize for my vague-ness.

The final two days of Hope in Focus were bittersweet—a word I feel I understand the true meaning of more and more each day. I met with a few participants in their rooms both days, each having a different chronic condition and set of needs. I noticed that the first week and second week of the project were very different. The first week I went out and took photos with participants and was able to do lesson plans, where the second week I mostly met with patients in their rooms and did a few art projects and/or just sat and talked. I’m really glad I got to experience both, as each method taught me something about myself and the many ways to connect with fellow humans. I was able to meet with strong patients who were receiving treatments all while doing art or talking with me. It was incredibly inspiring.

This experience has been emotional for me as although I have a chronic condition myself, I’ve wanted to trade places with each of the kids or at least take their pain or trauma away. As a person of faith, I will never know why horrible things happen to children or why they are allowed to happen. But I do know that I have seen hope on display in tremendous ways at this hospital, not only by patients themselves, but by family, friends, nurses, doctors, and hospital staff. Daily I’ve been inspired by gracious individuals who give me hope to continue this journey.

Final reflections coming soon. Happy Monday!




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