Hope in Focus: Days 3 & 4

What a treat it was to have two of my roommates, Fate and Olivia, come and volunteer with Hope in Focus for two days! I am so happy they took time out of their busy schedules to visit and help out with the project. Thankful is an understatement. Their generosity is so appreciated. It was also great exploring with them! We were able to adventure to Enger Tower and take photos (and maybe take an awesome snapchat story that’s pretty much the funniest thing ever). Exploring by yourself if fun, but with others it’s even better.

We had three participants the last few days of the project. Thursday we decided photo adventuring was more fun than the lesson we had planned for that day. I’m learning that going along with what feels right is okay. You don’t need to stick to the plan. In fact, this experience has shown me how much the plan changes, in almost every way. There have been some really difficult moments of confusion and change of plans outside the project. My living arrangement changed last minute, many project activities changed, the project was moved to a different room… many things. But everything has worked out. Each moment with the kids has been wonderful and eye opening.

I’m so excited to share more of the kids’ photos. First week of Hope in Focus–history. Cannot wait for next week!




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