Project Update: One Month Before

Crazy to say out loud, but Hope in Focus (the project, that is!) starts in one month! It has really come up quick!

The other day I was reflecting on the entire planning process and truly how much of a joy it has been. Not every experience has been “perfect” or gone smoothly, to be honest. However, those minor bumps in the road are just that: minor. What keeps me going is the faith that God knows what God is doing as well as the excitement I have to meet all of the participants and hospital staff. I’m really just ready to get to work! But still need to make some final touches 🙂

I’ve been planning Hope in Focus for over a year. And I trust that all of the time, love, work, and creativity put into the planning process will only benefit the kids I get to work with.

The photo above is a shot of fleece that was used to make blankets for each of our participants, most of which was donated by friends that wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of someone they have never met. We had a blanket tying party and were able to connect with each other while doing something good. There’s a whole community of love that has been created through the planning process: people giving time, resources, funds, and helping create fun things for the kids. I’m ecstatic because I know the kids will be so blessed because of it.



Happiest of Fridays, friends!





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