Dreaming of Duluth: Part 2

As summer approaches, my bones are getting more and more excited for Duluth! For those of you who might be new around here, this June I’ll be in Duluth, MN to implement a summer service project through the Phillips Scholar Program called “Hope in Focus.” We’ll be teaching photography to kids with chronic conditions at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital, and we are over the moon about it and ready to get started. (You can find more info about the project under the “About ‘Hope in Focus’ the Project” tab on the homepage)

I enjoyed sharing some things I’m dreaming about doing in Duluth last month and since then my list has grown (go figure!). So here’s part two of my Duluth reverie:

1. Enger Park & Tower


This structure was built in 1939 and got some TLC recently, so I’m excited to support Duluth’s mission of saving historical buildings by visiting! PLUS you can go all the way up this 5 story building and get some awesome photographs of the city. Count me in!

2. Mission Creek & Piedmont Bike Trails



This is SO COOL. Seriously every biker’s dream. Duluth has over 1,200 bike trails and is considered the 2nd best outdoor hub in the WORLD. WHAT?! Why yes, I have been daydreaming about these trails.

3. Park Point

Enter The Vast, Park Point

Are you sure this is Minnesota? Wow, what a cool beach space. I can’t wait to come here to relax!

4. Leif Erickson Park & Rose Garden


One of the many reasons Duluth already reminds me of Portland! Since I’ll be there in June, I have a feeling the flowers are going to be fresh, blooming, and beautiful.

5. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore



OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS am I excited to explore this place. The interesting rock formations are absolutely breathtaking– I’m stoked to kayak around this area. The Islands are located in Wisconsin so it takes a short drive to get there (absolutely worth it by the looks of these pictures & reviews), and you can take a ferry to get to them if you don’t kayak. Yes and YES.

6. Amazing Grace Bakery & Café  


My roommate Olivia has told me this is the place to go to get anything sweet. I’ll probably become a regular right away. 🙂

What are some of your favorite spots in Duluth?


P.S. These images are from Google, so I can’t wait to share my own this summer!


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