Dreaming of Duluth

Happy 2016, blog friends! Since I’ll be spending the month of June in Duluth, MN this summer, I thought it’d be great to start dreaming about adventures to partake in while I’m there. So sit back and dream with me:

  1. The North Shore

mn north shore

OKAY WOW I am seriously so excited to explore around the North Shore. Cliffs, lighthouses, hiking, camping: sign. me. up. This will be a great excursion for a small break from Hope in Focus work that will allow me to reflect on everything that’s happening in Duluth with the project at that time. And holy moly am I jazzed about venturing here.

2. The Aerial Lift Bridge

duluth bridge

Did someone say Portland look-alike? Man, the Aerial Lift Bridge reminds me so much of the Hawthorne Lift Bridge in Portland. In fact, the Hawthorne is the bridge my train got stuck right by for two hours while coming into the city 🙂 I’m a sucker for gorgeous architecture, so obviously it has my heart; and I’m sure the Aerial Lift Bridge will take a part of it as well.

3. Betty’s Pies


Okay, essentially every time I’ve mentioned Duluth someone has talked about Betty’s Pies. Apparently this Betty and her pies are famous. I certainly can’t wait to try one. Or two. How many pies are socially acceptable to consume in one adventure? I’ve also heard it’s a little off the beaten path… perfection!

4. North Pier Lighthouse, Canal Park Duluth

duluth lighthouse.jpg

I’ve never seen a lighthouse in person so I am PUMPED for this. Can’t wait to get my beach-vibes on.

Have you ever been to Duluth? Have any suggestions?


P.S. All images from Google, yay! Can’t wait to take my own this summer.


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