a second encounter

It’s funny how revisiting a place can be exactly or exactly opposite from what we expect. Sometimes it’s a little of both. I’m a firm believer that seeing something for the second, third, or hundredth time doesn’t make the initial experience less appealing or exciting, but rather allows us to see something with fresh eyes. I love noticing small details or areas that are different from the first time I visited a place. It keeps things mesmerizing and new.

During my adventure in Portland, OR this May, I had the opportunity to take a Bolt Bus to Seattle. First, I would highly suggest this! The trip is fairly short, there’s free wifi and beautiful scenery out your window you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. It’s also so so cheap. #winning

But the coolest part about that short excursion was how different my experience was the second time being in Seattle. I was there with my mom in 2014–the weather was beautiful, (it only rained once! Which was kind of sad for me because I am in love with rain.) we had a few days to explore around, and I was there with someone I adore very much (love you momma!). This trip was very different.

First, I was only in Seattle for about 8 hours. Second, I was there by myself and was dropped off by the bus in an area I didn’t recognize. Third, it was POURING. Like pouring. It was so beautiful and was everything I ever dreamed of. North Dakota does not know rain like the PNW. Wind, yes, rain, not so much.

Although my two experiences in Seattle were very different, I cherish them both equally. Going by myself was so freeing–a little strange at times but freeing nonetheless. I was able to go where and when I wanted. I bought myself flowers. I did not feel ashamed for spending $6 on macaroons (so worth it). I jumped in puddles, went to the Seattle Aquarium, sat in a Starbucks and people watched, and dreamed I lived in the market. Pure magic.

Going with my mom previously was wonderful because we were able to do more, both because we had more time in the city and because my mom was very gracious in giving me experiences I would not have been able to afford myself. We took a water taxi over to Alki Beach where I was able to kayak Puget Sound, went to the Space Needle and the Chihuly Glass House, and was able to experience Tully’s Coffee for the first time. It was also nice having a travel companion, as although I do enjoy traveling alone, it can be lonely at times.

Whether alone or with someone you love, don’t be afraid to get out there and put your piece of blue chewing gum on that wall. I encourage you to go back to places you fell in love with if you are able. I promise you’ll see it with new eyes.




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