Project Update: 3

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a winter training event for the Phillips Scholarship. I learned so much about networking and building meaningful relationships not only with project participants, but with volunteers, donors and stake holders. It was inspiring to hear about how everyone’s projects are coming along and ways we can support each other throughout the process.

I want to be very transparent in my relationships that I build with anyone who supports the project and learn to be flexible with project plans and think on my feet creatively when things don’t go quite as planned. I’m very thankful for the tools I learned today and am excited to continue working on the project!

I want to also express my gratitude that this can be a space for sharing not only about my personal life with CF, but also about the project and things I’m learning along the way. I want this to be a place where we can learn and grow from reading each other’s blogs and having conversations face to face if you’re someone who happens to live close by. Hopefully this blog also serves as a way for me to stay connected with parents of the participants during the project, as well as anyone who might be interested in following us along this journey. Thank you for reading; it means so much to me. FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender1


Happy Sunday, friends!



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