small snippets of beautiful life

Fall is so wonderful and I’ve enjoyed soaking in tiny moments of joy as each new day unfolds. The “in-between” snapshots of our day can be so rewarding: biking to class, waving to a friend, watching the sunset turn from blue to pink with fluffy, turbulent clouds. I hope to be someone who always finds wonder in the simplest of moments; someone who looks at the way golden light reflects off the tree leaves in the morning and inhales the intoxicating aroma of a French press.

Many times I wish life was a little simpler and that we would have time to slow down and let the fresh fall air seep into our lungs and refresh us to carry on with our day. Life pulls us in many directions. But I think in order to stay centered to who we really are and what we are called to, we need to take time to notice the small moments and the things that bring us hope.

I’m so thankful for the tiny moments that remind us of the beauty of the world that shine light on the lingering darkness. For me, these glimpses shatter everything that tells us “we can’t.” They can be people, adventures, coffee on a Thursday morning or walking to class and noticing the way the clouds seem suspended right above the trees: any moment that makes you happy. Here are a few of my own memories from the last few weeks. Have the happiest of Tuesdays, friends!


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