What a crazy and wonderful and busy and stressful few weeks it has been! School has been great so far, but one thing I’ve noticed is that it is super easy to fall back into habits of intense studying and work without valuing the people around us.

I want to make sure that I am always striving for authenticity in my relationships. It can be so easy to just ask people names and random facts about themselves without getting to know what makes them tick or who they are as a person.

I’m totally guilty of not always achieving this. It’s easy for me to get so bogged down in what I’m up to and forget about really cherishing and validating my friends and family. But I’m glad it’s something I recognize and am striving to change.

People are so beautiful. They bring so much joy and newness to life.

I don’t want surface-level friendships. I want to really, truly get to know my friends. I want to know about their lives and the tough experiences they’ve been through. I want to know their joys. I want to celebrate with them.

It can also be tough to make time for people in our culture of busyness. People are not longer able to linger after class to have a conversation with a student or professor about that day’s topic. People meet at coffee shops for the usual one hour time slot and check each other off to-do lists. (I realize not everyone does this, but I know I unfortunately have). My hope is that this mind set of people as “things” does not continue. People are not things, people are people. People are humans. And how humans relate to one another is important.

To me, the word authenticity evokes this open, transparent way of doing life. I find that comforting. I think it’s also about bringing our full self and identity to the table. It’s about being true to each other and ourselves. We truly get to know someone when we carry each other’s burdens and joys on our shoulders.

I like the idea of growing authentic relationships and am excited to get to work. Have a splendid night, friends!



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