leading lights

Even as I write this, it feels strange to say I’m a junior in college. Most days it feels more like I just walked in to the doors of my high school for the first time. Nonetheless, I am absolutely ecstatic about this next school year.

And I’m excited to see where it leads.

And I’m hoping that even in the busyness a new semester will surely bring I’ll remember the beautiful lessons I learned about myself this summer.

I remember a moment in Portland, sitting on a hiking trail, staring at a tiny yellow flower that stuck out so starkly from the green that surrounded it. And I remember feeling like I did and didn’t want to be that flower all at the same time. At the time I didn’t want to feel noticed by people. I was afraid that if they got too close they’d see all the imperfections that I see in myself. But I also wanted to be that flower in the way that I wanted to be a beacon of light to people that was easily recognizable and available.

And I’m sticking with that feeling, because I want to be a person who comforts and supports and loves people. That is what I’m hoping that the project Hope in Focus does. I hope it inspires people to keep going, to keep fighting against things that tell them they aren’t strong or good enough.

And I hope this blog does the same for you. I hope as you read, you feel just a little connected to another person, to know another’s story and find comfort in that.

My dreams for this school year are that love will prevail in every situation. I pray that relationships will blossom and people will be there for each other. I hope our apartment will be a place of solitude and rest and that others can find light there. And I hope that no matter how busy I get with school work, I still make time for the individuals around me.

What are you hoping this school year will bring?



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