forever finding beauty

This week God has been reminding me of something.

As I’ve probably mentioned, one of the main lessons I learned on my travels to Portland was the importance of rest and reflection in our lives, especially when the world around us is so frantic and busy.

Last week I got a wonderful call from a professor asking me to take a campus leadership position that I am absolutely ecstatic about. However, it also hit me that I am going to be busier than I know how to handle. I am so grateful to be offered the position, and hope to do my very best to uphold it. One thing about busyness and chronic conditions is that they don’t really go together. It becomes hard to keep up with treatments, workouts, and medication routines that are in place to keep you healthy. So I’m praying that through this season I will be able to comply with treatments and create time for people and have meaningful relationships.

After feeling the weight of worry and stress on my heart, I decided to take a small hike in the prairie and small ravine that run behind my house. I walked through wildflowers and weeds and tall, luscious prairie grasses that tickled my ankles as I waded by. Although I’ve done this many times, this walk was particularly beautiful. There was a bird cooing a soft, flowing sound that sounded sad and melodic. I picked a small bouquet of wildflowers and sat and stared at all the intricate parts of the leaves and petals and stems. They were stunning, and I was so glad to have this quiet time to reflect on what God is doing in my life and what things I have yet to do. My heart and body were calm and whole. It was a beautiful, warm evening spent remembering why I’m here.



Where is a place you go to to relax? If you have a chronic condition, what are some ways you stay compliant with your treatments? What has God been speaking to you lately?


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