Project Update: 1 (yay!)

Hi friends! Project planning for Hope in Focus is under way, and it has been truly awesome and exciting so far!

Hope in Focus Logo (2)

First, we have a LOGO. And it’s pretty rad. The wonderful Project Advisor for the project, Mary Van, designed the logo and donation brochure and a whole bunch of other awesome tools to use for the project. She has also been helping me brainstorm ideas and has given so much great advice. I am so thankful for everything she has done for this project so far and am so lucky that she is so talented and inspiring! She’s also a fellow night-owl, so we really appreciate that. 🙂

Like I mentioned earlier, we have also created donation brochures AND have created a Facebook page, found here:

Go like it so you can follow along with the project and share with friends.

Thanks lovely people, your support is so appreciated!

-Msocial media banner left logo


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