The place where my soul feels at home

Do you have a certain place where you’ve been or go to often that is just so whole and perfect and comforting? I do, and it’s the Badlands of North Dakota. Specifically Medora, ND and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Yes, I am named after a town.

As my parents looked down upon me after I was born, my dad recalls that the other name they picked out for me just didn’t fit. I was nameless for a few hours. And then my parents remembered a place where they felt peaceful and adventurous and free: Medora.

I have been there every year since I was born.

Every time I go, it is a unique experience. This short trip was actually the first time I’ve gone alone. And although it may seem strange to some, it was just what I needed. There is nothing quite like sitting in the tall prairie grasses and wildflowers while reading and journaling and taking in your exquisite surroundings. And eating smores taffy helps too 🙂

The town of Medora is full of history and adventure. Luckily, I’ll be going for a second time this summer with my father next week, and will happily share more about it then!

Happy Friday, dear friends!


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