be you, bravely

Lately I have been reflecting on how God chooses to still love us and use us, even when we fall short of the mark. I know personally, I have made many, many mistakes. Often I feel unworthy of the beautiful love Christ has shown me. But what I’m learning is that God uses those stories and experiences to not only shape your character, but to share those with others as a part of your testimony that ultimately changes, helps, and impacts people.

I am proud to serve a God who cherishes me and accepts and mends my brokenness. I am no stranger to illness, depression or sin. I have had unfortunate seasons. But what is truly amazing to me is how those seasons have been restored and reclaimed. When I shared hardships with a friend not too long ago, she spoke life into me that has changed the way I view struggles immensely. She told me that rather than allowing guilt or fear to overcome your path, allow it to shape your testimony– something you can use for good so that others can learn and grow. No one had shown as much compassion or grace to me than in that moment. And it makes sense. God longs to use you for His work– to reach, help, and care for people. No matter how broken you feel, no matter what you’ve done:

God can still use you. In fact He wants to use you. He’s not done with you yet, so keep fighting and being you, bravely.



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