Marvin & Me

Hola friends! Today I’d like to share a little bit with you about a fantastic experience I had in Guatemala. Our team traveled to an orphanage near Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, where I met a sweet, extremely shy little boy named Marvin (pronounced Mar-veen in Spanish). At first. Marvin wouldn’t even look at me; he was so shy and afraid. But after about a half hour of me smiling and giving him handfuls of stickers, he warmed up to me and let me hold him. He eventually wouldn’t let me put him down, so I had the privilege of holding him in my arms for a few hours while we played and listened to my fellow talented teammates sing songs for the kids. Although Marvin did not know much English, he would look up at me often and smile, and I’d ask him things like, “Marvin, do you like the music?” And he would reply, “Yes!”with bright eyes. I cherished my time with Marvin so much.

Even though our team was only there for a few hours, and there’s a good chance I may never see Marvin again, he impacted my heart so much. Some of the children at the orphanage have parents, others do not, so I  don’t know if two year old little Marvin has people that tell him often that they love him. I whispered to Marvin, “Jesus loves you, Marvin. We love you, Marvin. God loves you, Marvin.” I hope he knows that. I hope he knows that even though he is small and his situation is not perfect, he has a Creator and some volunteers from North Dakota that love him.

It was so hard to say goodbye to Marvin. He held my hand before we left and wouldn’t let go. It was honestly heartbreaking. I pray that I get to see Marvin again someday, but if not, I know he is in good hands at the orphanage. I know he has great people there that are caring for him.

So maybe Marvin will brighten your day just like he brightened mine.


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