Focus and Follow

I am so proud of my friend Annika and her amazing writing. I’m lucky that she’ll be leading me and our other teammates to Guatemala. Check out her blog!

with love, antigua

Our team leaves in 8 days.

I am more challenged at this point by the physical aspects of preparation for this trip. I have many things to pack for a 2 month mission and also figuring out how to actually do that along the way.

Yet, during the crazy moments I am learning more and more about myself and I am slowly being revealed to what is in store.

Let me begin with this statement. I have the best support system behind me and in front of me. I have supporters who have not only funded me financially but have kept me in their prayers for the past couple of years as I have been down to Guatemala. My peers know my passion, my fiancée shares my passion, and my family pushes me towards my passion. I’m lucky, aren’t I?

All of these things are what cause me to press forward…

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