I am in love with Portland. 

 I made it to Portland after the 27 hour train ride from Minot, ND. The ride was wonderful up until the 2 hour delay in Vancouver– if you take the Amtrak, don’t be in a hurry, delays are fairly common. BUT, I have seriously loved every second spent in Portland thus far. I have had the incredible chance to read books for “fun” that “don’t pertain to my major.” I’ve filled up half a journal with writings that spill my soul into the pages, writing that I used to do more often; writing that’s real and filled with life and not a paper for a class that’s due in four hours. I have eaten biscuits, rode my bike through Portland and eaten honey lavender ice cream that calms your soul after a busy morning at Powell’s. 

One thing I’ve been pondering the last few days is the idea of rest and taking breaks. Breaks don’t mean you’re lazy. Breaks don’t mean that you’re weak and can’t handle the throat-tightening stresses of life. Breaks mean that you know yourself in a true way; your itchings to explore the places around you, your willingness to do new things, your heart knowing it needs rejuvenation. Breaks are not always easy; they often mold your heart into something different and new and stronger, but it’s a process, and this process requires good thought and preparation and determination, i.e., no break in the sense we’ve come to know it. Rest is beautiful. 

This morning was spent at Powell’s drinking coconut lattes and perusing the ginormous new and used books. That place is book Heaven, and a must-visit place for any book lovers traveling to Portland. I would also suggest Stumptown Coffee, pictured below, as well as Voodoo Doughnuts. So delicious, so magical. I am really having a splendid time in Portland and  am excited and grateful for all the things I’m learning about myself. It’s going to be a beautiful few weeks. 



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