Spring Goals

To me, spring is the perfect time to start anew and refresh your goals and refocus on what’s important. Maybe it’s the blossoming flowers or the refreshing spring rain (or the end of the frozen, dead tundra that is North Dakota winter), but whatever the reason, spring is the perfect time for slight readjustments. And maybe some spring cleaning 🙂 So, think of this as a spring cleaning of your mind (woah).

3 goals for spring 2015:

1. Unplug

Pretty self explanatory. It’s so important to experience the world around us. I know I don’t want to be known as the person with their eyes glued to their phone every minute.

2. Create

One thing that stinks about college: not having time (or space) to be creative. I can’t wait for cozy mornings this summer where I get to paint and drink endless cups of coffee, my soul needs it. Creativity is so important as it often relieves stress and gives people a creative outlet. No matter what form, I encourage you to explore and get your artsy brain on.

3. Build

People are great. I love hearing people’s stories and listening to why they are who they are. I love building relationships with people, and I hope to continue this passion and improve my ability to build people up.

So there ya have it, three small spring goals for 2015. What are your spring goals? 1086 - Copy


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