Fresh (and exciting!)

Hi friends! Wow, so many AMAZING things have happened since my month-long absence from the blog (sorry about that!). Because I’m so excited I’m just going to list them:

1. MY BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAGED. That’s right, people! MARRIED. In case you couldn’t tell how excited I am by all the capital letters I’m using I am PUMPED.  These two are world changers who are spending their summer volunteering in Guatemala. How cool is that?! And….

2. I am blessed to be a bridesmaid! So excited to shower my best friend with love on her big day. I can’t wait!

3. Plane tickets for Guatemala have been purchased. Woot woot! Guat Guat! I am very blessed to be FULLY funded for this trip thanks to amazing people who have given support. Our team is so excited to love on the people of Guatemala. We’ll be building homes, working in a homeless shelter, and playing with cute kiddos at two different malnutrition centers. I cannot wait for this amazing experience.

4. Portland is NEAR. I’ll be leaving for Portland on May 6th and living there for about a month before Guatemala. This will be a time of reflecting on the fact that I’m HALFWAY DONE with college and the perfect time to prepare my heart for Guatemala. I know the 27 hour train ride will be worth it!

5. I recently received a scholarship that is truly amazing in both amount and intent, as I get to plan and implement a service project that I dreamt up and am SO passionate about next summer. More on this project will be shared as the time draws closer.

It’s always fun getting  to share in the joys of others, so thanks for letting me share a little bit of what’s been going on in my tiny life!

Guatemala bound!
Guatemala bound!
Concordia sunrises.
Concordia sunrises.
The Punch Brothers in Minneapolis in March... they have my heart!
The Punch Brothers in Minneapolis in March… they have my heart!
French press Fridays.
French press Fridays.

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