Thankfulness Project: Part 2

I’m embarking on a journey, a journey called the Thankfulness Project. I started this before Thanksgiving but thought it would be good idea to continue the project after, since after all we should always strive to have a thankful heart, right?

As my second post for this project, I couldn’t think of anyone more worthy of thanks than my momma, Michelle.

I often feel like I don’t thank my mom enough for everything she does for me- not because she doesn’t deserve it, but because sometimes I forget people can’t actually read my mind. My mother is a wonderful human being. I have SO many things to thank my mom for- giving me life, teaching me to read and write stories and always encouraging me in everything I do.


When I was little my mom would take me to the library all the time. We would check out the maximum number of books (which I think was like 15) and I would force her to read every single one with me that night. Then we would go back the next day and start the process over. I definitely got my mom’s English brain and am thankful for that everyday– my love of writing truly stems from her nurturing heart.

My mom is also so beautiful; she forgets it a lot, but I don’t know why. She has literally nothing to criticize. I’m always pleased when people tell me I look like my mom– it is a huge compliment. I’ll always be your proud mini-me, mom! There’s so much more I could say, but it’s truly hard to put how much I love my mom into words. I miss you, mom, and cannot wait to grab some coffee with you over Christmas break.




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