Thankfulness Project

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it’d be a great time to share this week about who I’m thankful to have by my side and how they are the best of humans. Often we don’t tell people these things enough, so this is my first steps of trying to do so. I hope this encourages you to do the same. Below are some ideas of who to thank and ways you can get creative with it.

For my first post, I would absolutely love to talk about my friend Annika. I’ve actually had this post saved as a draft for a few days because it’s hard to articulate how much this girl means to me.

So first: Annika inspires me because I know for a fact The Lord lives inside her and shines through her every single day in every single interaction she has. It is beautiful. She is beautiful. Annika chases Jesus, and she helps me chase him, too. Her faith is inspiring to me because no matter what comes her way, Annika stays strong and courageous. If I had to choose between donuts and Annika, I would choose Annika 100 times out of 100, because she’s sweeter than donuts and gives me more warmth. And ya’ll know how much I love donuts. (Let’s make fun of this bad joke later, ok?)


I don’t know how she always has room for more love in her heart. This woman’s heart is open and breaks anytime she sees someone in pain. She feels people’s pain with them and walks beside them as they journey through it. When she prays over me I get butterflies. She is not afraid to pray with you and guide you through emotions you’re feeling. She was the first one to call me when I was in the hospital and I know she’ll always be the first to laugh at my really, really bad jokes.

Annika Christine Syvrud, I am thankful for you beyond belief. I still think we are actually sisters and love telling people that we are. You bring light to dark places and live passionately among the hurting.

Much Love,



Who’s next? I’m not telling. Yet.

People to thank:

+ friends

+ family members

+ coworkers

+ acquaintances

+ the barista at your favorite coffee shop

+ your favorite musician

+ your doctor

+ your pet

Get creative:

Instead of writing a letter, try writing a poem or song. Make a video. Paint a picture.


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