About Hope in Focus

About the Project
Hope in Focus is a program that teaches photography and art concepts to children with chronic conditions in a hospital setting. The original project was part of The Phillips Scholarship Program and took place at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital in Duluth, MN in the summer of 2016.
Hope in Focus is centered on a comprehensive ten day lesson plan. Each session has a photography related learning objective and corresponding mental health lesson. Students learn about prominent historical and contemporary photographers as well as basic photography concepts. Each day the participants have time to journal down their thoughts, take photos to practice their new skills, and do art projects at their own pace. And of course, we eat some tasty snacks. The last day of the program involves setting up a gallery and party where family, friends, and hospital staff are welcome to come celebrate the participants’ photos and art. The goal is to have fun while in the hospital and feel more confident along the way.
Patient’s health levels are considered each day during the project, with the lesson plans and activities being adjusted accordingly, including small bedside lessons or activities as needed.

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